La Mexicoise Inc.

Emilio Hernandez, founder of La Mexicoise Inc. has brought together the richness of two culinary cultures, the Mexican and the Quebecois, to give life to products made from insects (Quebec, Canada, and Mexico). Several taste profiles are offered: savoury, sweet, spicy, and tangy so everyone can experience and taste the insects’ unique flavours.

The recipes draw their inspiration from the Mexican pre-Hispanic insect consumption culture and are developped by chefs specialized in the entomophagous field in Quebec.

Insect proteins are filled with nutrients and their production is a greener alternative to meat production. As such, La Mexicoise’s purpose is to democratize insect consumption through the eco-friendly production and distribution of 100% natural and healthy snacks.

Emilio Hernandez, founder of La Mexicoise Inc.

Dare ! Eating insects
has advantages

Why eat insects:

  • Insect is a minimally processed ingredient that allows for fast absorption of nutrients. While compared, for the same weight, insects contain:
  • 2x more protein than beef.
  • 7x more vitamin B12 than salmon.
  • 2x more calcium than milk.
  • 3x more potassium than bananas.
  • 2x more iron than spinach.

Comparing the environnmental footprint of insect breeding to cattle breeding:

  • Uses 2000x less water.
  • Produces 100x less greenhouse gases.
  • Uses 13x less cultivated agricultural land.
  • Needs 12x less food.